Monday, February 2, 2009


BSD New stuff will be here on July...And, there will be more interesting stuff to be share along the way!!!
[Note: For those who is seeking products from Rayxtreme and they does not had it at the moment. And, you needed the BSD stuff due to special colors and sizing. Kindly write or call them. They will be custom your order for you]

 For those who are into Old School grips. Should check out the new ODI Mushroom 2 handgrips.
Yew Keong Last BSD complete bike. With the latest BSD Kriss Kyle Signature "Passenger" frame and other bsd parts!!!


1) TotalBmx - Hiroki Oka New Bike check from Japan

2) TotalBmx - Killabee Bike Check


3) TotalBmx - Voltron V2 bike check with Mark Webb
Having technical issue - to be updated soon,

5) BSD - Hippies in Morocco

BSD">">BSD - Alex Donnachie, Dan Paley & Kriss Kyle Undercover
from BSD">BSD> on Vimeo.">Vimeo.>


6) BSD - Halloween


7) Mutantbikes - Andres Lainevool welcome to Mutantbikes

8) Mutantbikes - Daniel Panafiel Signature bike check

9) Mutantbikes - Freedom Daniel Panafiel


Saturday, January 31, 2009


BSD latest stuffs which consist of  Passenger frame, bar, grips, seat and more can be found at the warehouse of Rayxtreme showroom!!!


TotalBmx Latest stuff (eg: Purple Hangover frame, 20.7" Silver Killabee frame, Hangover cranks, 48mm front load stem and mid seat with red logo!!!  For the current stuff of Totalbmx stuff, it can only be purchase @ Rayxtreme. 

Hereby is the pricing:
1) Hangover frame - $450 (black, red and purple) and $500 for chrome
2) Killabee - $450 (purple)
3) Hangover cranks - $200 (black, blue) and $220 for chrome
4) Mid seat with red logo - $50
5) 48mm front load stem - $80